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Experience state-of-the-art, patient-focused dental care at Hope Dental, led by our highly-skilled dentist, Dr. Ras. We specialize in delivering comprehensive, gentle oral health services, ensuring every patient feels at ease.

As a practice owned and operated by Dr. Russell Ras, we guarantee consistent care from the same experienced provider, ensuring a seamless journey towards optimal oral health. Trust Hope Dental to provide the latest, most effective dental care solutions, while addressing all your questions and concerns.

At Hope Dental, your oral health is our priority. We strive to offer exceptional service, with the goal of preserving your natural teeth for a lifetime. We are committed to educating you about the significance of routine dental care, and guiding you through resolving any dental issues that may arise in a judgement-free environment.

Known for his gentle approach, Dr. Ras is fully equipped to cater to all your dental needs, from routine cleanings and check-ups to minimally invasive mini dental implants, and full-mouth reconstructions.

With our friendly staff dedicated to enhancing your experience, we aim to make Hope Dental your go-to destination for all your oral health needs. Schedule a free implant consultation with Dr. Ras today for a dental experience that prioritizes your comfort and well-being.



    Our Patients Are Our Most Important Asset

    Patient Comfort and Complete Satisfaction

    Here at Hope Dental, our main goal is patient comfort and satisfaction. Doc is known for his comprehensive, gentle dental care. In addition, he is very down to earth and willing to explain each step he takes, making his patients more comfortable. As you well know, experience is life’s greatest teacher. Dr. Ras, or ‘Doc’, is an experienced dentist who keeps up to date on the latest dental technology and techniques. He does what it takes to satisfy all of your dental needs.

    Helping Patients Manage Dental Care Costs

    Sometimes necessary dentistry can be unexpected. For that reason, we have chosen to work with Care Credit. Care Credit is a healthcare financing institution that offers up to 12 months of interest-free credit. Our goal is to help our patients afford treatment by offering no interest financing for up to one year. Now that gives a whole new meaning to comprehensive, gentle dental care!

    Advanced Technology

    At Hope Dental, we use state of the art technology. Digital x-rays are used so there is less radiation and less wait time. We also use Diagnodent, a tool using laser fluorescence to find hidden decay. In addition to that, our office is also equipped with our new iCAT FLX CBCT unit. This equipment allows us to take a 3 dimensional view of your jaw and airway.

    Our intra-oral camera allows our patients to actually see for themselves what is going on in their mouths. Dr. Ras uses all these tools because he cares about his patients. Not surprisingly, his commitment to continuing education is exceptional. As you can see, our goal here at Hope Dental is to deliver the highest quality of comprehensive, gentle dentistry to our patients.

    You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

    The Mini Dental Implant Advantage

    Immediate Results

    Because they are less invasive, and don’t require the lengthy healing time of traditional implants, they can typically be loaded with crowns, bridges and dentures immediately.

    Less Healing Time & Fewer Visits

    Because mini implants are much smaller, placing them is a less invasive procedure—requiring less healing time and discomfort, and fewer visits.

    No More Decay

    Mini implants are made out of titanium—the same type of material that is used on artificial joints, and they are not subject to decay or periodontal disease.

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      Mini Dental Implants Can Change Your Life!

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